Managing Security & Compliance is…


time consuming

something I’ll get to next week


Nobody expects managing Security & Compliance to be easy.

A good process simplifies matters and makes the best use of your time.

About Us

complianceKIT provides practical guidance and resources to help businesses manage their security & compliance. Business owners are ultimately responsible for the security & compliance of their business even though they will delegate some responsibilities to employees and vendors. complianceKIT helps business owners and their employees reduce risks and appropriately respond to threats and incidents. No matter where you are at in your risk management process, we believe we can help. complianceKIT provides a framework, templates, coaching, consulting, training, and security awareness tools that help business owners succeed.

complianceKIT was created by the people at Total Networks, an IT Service Provider located in Phoenix, Arizona. As a HIPAA Business Associate, the company found itself thrust into a data protection, privacy and compliance leadership role for its clients. Increasingly asked to provide training and other assistance for numerous companies locally in Phoenix and around the country, complianceKIT was launched in 2017 as a separate service offering to help businesses improve their security & compliance.

The first step in managing Security & Compliance is a Risk Assessment.